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Chemical aversion therapy effective in relieving alcohol cravings, finds study
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Indulgence in alcohol has been a common problem among Americans for years. This is evident from the study titled “Remarkable Increases in Alcohol Use Disorders” that shows roughly one out of every eight Americans battling alcohol use disorder (AUD). The study published online in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in September 2017 assessed around 30 million […]

Study: Growing prevalence of mental disorders among female veterans linked to heart problems
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Mental disorders may affect men and women differently. For example, disorders like depression and anxiety have been found to be more common in women. Persistent emotional problems become palpable as physiological disorders, with many sufferers complaining of unwarranted pain or other symptoms. A study focusing on prolonged mental illnesses among female veterans revealed the extent […]

Researchers identify genes associated with OCD
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The tendency to be besotted with obtrusive thoughts that lead to unwarranted anxiousness or recurring behavioral patterns to alleviate anxiety levels affects roughly 1 percent of the American population annually. Clinicians identify these as signs of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) indicating nearly 50.6 percent of those affected […]

Middle-age women get more prescriptions for opioids after surgery, says report
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The metamorphosis of prescription painkillers from “wonder drug” to a cause of opioid epidemic has compelled federal agencies and many researchers to examine the groups particularly prone to addiction. A recent study by a group of researchers from the QuintilesIMS Institute suggested that in 2016, women in the age group of 40-59 years were prescribed […]

World Mental Health Day: Kristen Bell plans to discuss psychiatric issues with her kids
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Bad things do happen, and sadness is a common emotion. Many of us have heard our parents saying, “It is okay to be sad; you need not pretend to be happy, when you are actually feeling low inside.” However, very few guardians are able to discern feelings of continual sadness as a sign of depression. […]

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