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Thermotherapy may be able to treat depression, scientists say
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A research team led by Charles Raison, M.D., a scientist affiliated with both the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the University of Arizona, Tuscon, sought to determine whether or not applying heat to the human body could resolve symptoms associated with depression. Although the concept might sound like science fiction, the results of this study […]

Workaholics often deal with ADHD, depression and anxiety
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We’re a nation of hard workers. Really hard workers, too: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey, Americans worked 8.57 hours on a given workday in 2014 – an increase from 8.46 hours in 2013. Also, 34.8 percent of American workers had to work weekends and/or holidays during 2014. But are we […]

Research reveals new dangers of smoking to unborn children
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Smoking cigarettes is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. In the United States, smoking is responsible for nearly one-fifth of all deaths and 480,000 premature deaths per year. It increases the risk for premature death due to a number of health problems, including cardiovascular and respiratory disease, cancer and stroke. Thousand of chemicals and […]

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