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New study suggests SSRIs are unsafe during pregnancy
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Fatigue, weight gain, nausea and swollen ankles are just a few normal symptoms of pregnancy. Pervasive sadness, anxiety and loss of interest in things are not part of a normal pregnancy. These symptoms may be signs of clinical depression. Depression during pregnancy is fairly common, as about 13 percent of women experience depression during pregnancy […]

Workaholism can be tied to mental illness
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Workaholics scored higher on all tested psychiatric symptoms than nonworkaholics. That’s according to a study published just this spring by researchers at Norway’s University of Bergen. Am I a workaholic? Study authors categorized more than 16,000 working adults into normal workforce citizens and workaholics using seven job-specific addictive behaviors: Become stressed if prohibited from working […]

6 depression triggers to recognize during the aging process

As we get older, we experience more milestones and triumphs. Unfortunately, we also experience new hurdles and stressors, many of which can trigger depression. Here are a few surprising depression triggers that occur during the aging process. 1.Stress Being an adult is stressful. Adults with children might need to dedicate hours upon hours each day […]

New medications treat opioid addiction

As an effort to combat the opioid epidemic in the United States, scientists have worked diligently to develop novel medications to treat patients with opioid abuse and dependence by reducing drug cravings and ameliorating withdrawal symptoms. Three types of medications — which include methadone, buprenorphine, and naloxone and naltrexone — are currently approved for treating […]

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