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Adjunctive monoclonal antibody immunotherapy shows promise in treating schizophrenia

Humans are constantly coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens, chemicals and infections. Fortunately, we have a complex system of defense — the inflammatory response of the immune system — that helps us fight off infection, remove toxins and repair damaged tissue. Infection, stress, nutritional factors and other complications in the mother during pregnancy and […]

Oxytocin has different effects on stress in male and female mice

It’s often called the “cuddle hormone,” the “hug hormone” and the “love hormone.” Not only are these easier names to say than “oxytocin,” but they also describe what this chemical messenger produced by the brain’s pituitary gland does: Oxytocin makes social bonding feel good. Oxytocin seems to play a role in our relationship with animals: […]

Dealing with an abusive husband in the middle of divorce

  Pandora’s box is unleashed: he knows you filed for divorce. You’re relieved, still scared but emotionally exhausted. The abuse has taken a toll on your body as well as your soul and you don’t have enough energy to research extensively what to do next. Here’s a brief list of how to deal and heal […]

Protection of substance abuse records

Despite the recognition that addiction is a disease that affects the brain, the view that people with substance use disorders are weak, dangerous or incompetent is still very common in society. Stigma makes people more reluctant to acknowledge that they have a problem and to seek treatment. People may fear being labeled negatively, excluded and […]

Body dysmorphic disorder isn’t limited to ‘the Human Barbie’

Right now, at least half a dozen women consider themselves to be “the Human Barbie.” A quick Google search reveals most of their names: Valeria Lukyanova, Lolita Richi, Sarah Burge, Hannah Gregory, Pixee Fox and Jenny Lee. These women have become Internet sensations by molding their bodies into unrealistic shapes via makeup, plastic surgery and […]

Bringing baby home – Coming home
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  Your baby’s homecoming from the hospital is a special occasion. To make this first journey as stress-free as possible, keep the following things in mind: Leaving the hospital Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits for both yourself and baby in the hospital bag. Choose something roomy and light for maximum comfort as you might have […]

Bringing baby home – The birth plan
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There are numerous aspects to birth that need to be considered or revised as the date approaches. Hence, it is best not to wait until the very last moments to make any such monumental decisions. One major way to avoid such last-minute hassles is to determine your birth plan ahead of time. What is a […]

Transference-focused psychotherapy may help people with borderline personality disorder
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Borderline personality disorder, often shortened to BPD, is a personality disorder characterized by impulsive and reckless behavior, difficulties regulating emotions and unstable relationships with other people. People with BPD typically react strongly to abandonment, whether real or perceived, and may experience recurrent episodes of self-harm and suicidal behavior. Unlike mood disorders (e.g., depression and bipolar […]

Bringing baby home – Preparing for the new arrival
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There is one thing about babies: they are rarely ever on time. So avoid the last-minute panic by taking control of your pregnancy and starting the preparation for your new baby’s arrival now. Determine your budget Before you go ahead dreaming of dressing your child as no less than a celebrity, it’s best to align […]

Bringing baby home – How to prevent preterm labor
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Premature labor occurs in about 12 percent of all pregnancies. Only 50 percent of premature babies survive unscathed, while the other half may die or face permanent problems. Hence, preventing premature birth is vital for the health of the baby. What is preterm labor? Preterm labor occurs when frequent contractions begin to open the cervix […]

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