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Understanding trauma and potential solutions
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Trauma is a powerful psychological force affecting countless individuals around the world due to many different sources. Various forms of abuse, natural disasters, terrorism and more can impact psychological faculties in even the strongest minds. Understanding trauma and possible treatments is crucial for reducing stigma and developing a psychologically welcoming society. Unpacking the self-trauma model […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Keeping the holiday cheer during and after a divorce
Posted in divorce, Family, Relationships, Stress - 0 Comments

When a relationship meant for a lifetime cannot survive the holidays, feelings of cheer can dwindle to a minimum. Maintaining a healthy attitude for the sake of civility and the children is critical for minimizing mental health complications. Randi L. Rubin, a family lawyer and contributor with the Huffington Post, said that families should hash […]

The gift of respect in relationships: How to survive the holidays with a dysfunctional or lost relationship
Posted in Emotions, Family, Relationships, Stress - 0 Comments

The holidays can be a happy time for families and marriages: a time to reflect on a year of achievements and warm memories or an opportunity for surfaced, hurt feelings of times past. Navigating the pitfalls can be perilous for the mental health of individuals and couples. In an article written by Michael Kerr and […]

The gift of respect in relationships: The importance of respectful arguments

Communicating in a respectful matter is essential for the continuation of not only society but relationships of any kind. Drake Baer, a writer with Business Insider, opined that how relationships handle conflict and arguments is key to the health of the romance. “If they don’t have those conversations, over time their relationship will deteriorate,” said […]

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