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Phoenix-area resources helping abused women become self-sufficient
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When someone escapes a crisis situation, the most basic needs take priority. If self-sufficiency is ignored, the victim could easily be back at square one. Many organizations work tirelessly to help women who are victims of abuse become self-sufficient again. St. Joseph the Worker This Phoenix nonprofit has helped disadvantaged individuals become self-sufficient through quality […]

12 steps to reduce stress while tackling in-between holiday tasks
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The in-between time during the holiday season sometimes brings a lot of pressure to accomplish as much as possible before the new year begins. Women often bear the brunt of making holiday activities happen for their families and loved ones. The stress of tackling all of the tasks can accumulate and lead to stress-related illness. […]

How to stay sober and healthy in a high-stress environment
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Residential treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders, among other issues is generally a transformative experience. Circumstances and situations that were previously overwhelming suddenly become manageable. Hope for the future returns. Life begins again. Then reality hits. Family members haven’t changed, responsibilities remain and daily stressors have been lying in wait. Finding […]

Balancing child custody during the holiday season
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While the holidays can be a cheerful time and an opportunity to reflect on all that has occurred over the past year, some memories and experiences can contribute to feelings of anger and resentment, especially among parents who are separated or divorced. Children of separated or divorced parents may particularly have a difficult time with […]

Mental health report 2015 and what it means for Arizona
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The overall stance on mental health looks largely troublesome. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)’s third annual mental health report, in 2015, only 23 state mental health budgets increased – down from 29 in 2014 and 36 in 2013. Twelve states decreased general funds for mental health. Arizona is now one of […]

To have a home: Finding support in a community
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The sayings, “Home is where the heart is,” or “Home sweet, Home,” are displayed upon doormats, pillows and picture frames. Yet, the camaraderie and comfort of community is not felt by all, as many remain secluded behind their white picket fence. Everyone needs a community for interaction, encouragement and support. Those dealing with a mental […]

Custody of children and mental health
Posted in Children, divorce, Mental Health, Parenting - 0 Comments

Fighting over custody of children can take a toll on both parents during an already mentally trying time. These individuals and their offspring can feel great anxiety over this time of conflict. Taking on the situation in a mature way can alleviate difficulties and lessen negative feelings already common in divorces. Ugo Uche, a licensed […]

Post-partum mental health disorders
Posted in Depression, Hormones, Motherhood, Pregnancy - 0 Comments

From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant until the day her baby is born, there are changes, accommodations, questions, hopes and fears. The months of preparation include regular obstetrician visits, adjustments to ensure a healthy diet, changes in clothing to adjust to a growing baby, hopes that the baby will be healthy and […]

The gender divide in mental health
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The psychological differences between men and women are under contention in the mental health field and the public sphere. While the subject might be controversial to some, it has a major impact on mental health. Disparity between the genders can affect how professionals approach treatment for mental illness and addiction. One particular study supported by […]

How resource discrimination affects women’s health
Posted in Birth Control, Discrimination, Women’s Health - 0 Comments

Physical, mental and financial autonomy are rights necessary for strong mental and physical health. Earning enough to live and getting easy access to birth control are especially pertinent challenges for women in the modern age. Numerous studies highlight the affect these subjects have on women’s health. Unequal pay, declined quality of life The Wayne County […]

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