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Gaslighting – Signs and solutions

Situations of physical and mental abuse can take a toll on the most resilient individuals. Among the tools of the abuser is “gaslighting,” or actively deceiving the victim into believe something did or did not happen. By doing so, the bully can create seeds of doubt in the victim and possibly further the abuse. Robin […]

The price of above and beyond – The habits of and tolls on the overachiever

With only one life to live, some people want to make the best of their time. No regrets is arguably a strong philosophy, but some individuals take it too far, impeding their physical and mental health. Courtney E. Martin, M.A., author of “How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women,” wrote an article for […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Separation anxiety and saying farewell to a child

Taking a child to day care can feel like a relief from the hustle and bustle of following him or her around all of the time. This may not be the case for everyone though. Some mothers and children may miss each other during this time in a stage known as separation anxiety. Children typically […]

Turbulent take offs – Helicopter parents and stifled children
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Parents give their children life and usually want to preserve it. Plenty of mothers and fathers extend that to mental well-being. However, some guardians take their roll to inappropriate levels and smother their children to the point of discomfort and mental detriment. One particular example was published on Psych Central and scrutinized by Kristina Randle, […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Statistics and research of postpartum depression

The baby is born and chaos can take hold as the family scrambles to care for the new child. Disrupted sleep routines kick parents out of bed and economic challenges of diapers now affect financial spreadsheets. Despite this, many parents are glad to face these challenges for the sake of their baby. Some mothers experience […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Preparing for birth and possible physical and mental complications
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The big day will arrive, contractions will start and soon a new baby will enter the world. Knowing the possible complications of the birthing process can better prepare new parents. While obsessively pouring over negative birthing stories isn’t encouraged, a general understanding of any possible complications may help some patients stay calm. Gail Greiner, contributing […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Staying at peace during pregnancy
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Nourishing and nurturing another human being is hard work. The weight gain, hormonal changes and some possible emotional ups and downs can challenge a pregnant woman’s mental health. Rick Nauert, Ph.D., writing for Psych Central, claims pregnancy triggers more hormones in the woman’s body than any other time of her life. Research on the subject […]

Motherhood: The big decisions – Thoughts to make before having a child
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Choosing parenthood is arguably one of the biggest decisions anyone can make. Financial, practical and emotional considerations abound when choosing to take care of another life for 18 years or more. Having a child without considering the repercussions big and small could result in emotional distress. Joanne Baum, Ph.D., writer for, proposed several questions […]

The stresses and trials of stepmothers
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Coming into a family with children from a previous marriage is challenging for some stepmothers. Kids may still keep strong emotional bonds with their previous parent and see a new mother as a threat. Facing this trial can lead to mental health difficulties. Wednesday Martin, Ph.D., author of “Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Laws protecting domestic abuse victims

Friends and family can go a long way toward helping domestic abuse victims overcome worrisome circumstances, but laws can ensure protection that loved ones cannot always provide. While some rules exist to assist vulnerable populations certain advocates find more protections are needed for vulnerable domestic violence victims. The United States Congress passed two major laws […]

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