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Maternal instinct – Myth or a must?
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While reasons behind a lack of “maternal instinct” vary, society has put women refraining from having children under a microscope. Gillian Ragsdale, Ph.D., writing for Psychology Today, believes the idea of maternal instinct is a myth. She says many women don’t view having children as a must, but perceive the decision as marking a phase […]

Chronic pain, recurring problems – Pain conditions facing women
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Millions of people, including women, face the challenges put forth by chronic pain. Headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and pelvic pain syndrome are just a few issues challenging this demographic. The toll chronic pain issues can take on an individual’s mental health can prove detrimental. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) defines chronic pain as […]

Reasons for ditching the rings – Most common reasons for divorce
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“When mom and dad went to war the only prisoners they took were the children,” said author Pat Conroy. Divorce can be an emotionally exhausting exercise for both the couple and their family, leading some to wonder what makes the process worth it. Forty to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, as cited by […]

Gynecological cancers – Myths, facts and impact

Recognizing health issues and acting on a solution can save lives. Knowing the truth behind health problems is essential. A recent survey by Eye Appeal, a cancer charity, finds 39 percent of women experience a certain stigma following diagnosis of gynecological cancer, partially due to some of them believing the number of sex partners contributes […]

Dating with mental and physical safety in mind
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While in an ideal world women shouldn’t have to worry about dating safely, the vast majority of rapes are committed by acquaintances, many occurring while on dates. While traumatic violence like rape is never the victim’s fault, individuals can practice safe behaviors that can help ease the mind and make for a fun, safe date. […]

The mythology of female biology: Debunking the myths of female anatomy
Posted in Behavioral Health, Relationships, Sexuality, Women - 0 Comments

The female body has perplexed a number of people throughout the ages and even the present day. While some myths are humorous upon first inspection, misconception can breed fear, discrimination and violation of mental and physical autonomy. This hurts women’s chances at strong mental health in daily life. Lynn Stuart Parramore, Ph.D., explains numerous harmful […]

Body issues for women and the psychological impact

Brown University defines “body image” as how one physically perceives him or herself, how this person thinks others define their body and the sense of connectedness a person feels with his or her physical being. Brown University researchers found 74.4 percent of women in the average weight range think about their appearance on a regular […]

Fitting it in – Foods and other strategies to fight menopause
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Aging is inevitable. The march into later years means menopause for women, a bodily change that comes with some new challenges. While hormones are one solution to menopause, less invasive strategies prove safe and beneficial to overall physical and mental health. Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD, supports a “menopause diet” full of vital nutrients and supplements. Drinking […]

Fitting it in – Herbs and spices for better mental health
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Age-old homeopathy is making a comeback. While many conventional methods exist to positively impact mental health, such as seeking therapy, exercising and eating right, spices and herbs are often used in tandem to treat mental health conditions. One such herb is holy basil, also known as “Tulsi,” or “Incomparable One” in Hindu cultures. Holy basil, […]

Fitting it in – The importance of diet in fitness and mental health
Posted in Diet, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Mental Health - 0 Comments

Food is fuel for both mental and physical wellbeing. A combination of restful sleep, fitness and balanced food intake maintains a healthy equilibrium. While things can get complicated when a steady diet of unhealthy food enters a person’s daily routine, completely disallowing occasional indulgences can be detrimental as well. “If it fits your macros” is […]

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