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Battered Women, Safe Spaces – Functions and importance of shelters
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The statistics don’t lie. Between two and four million women are victims of domestic violence each year, with 60 percent of these cases also presenting with child abuse of some kind. Leaving the situation is best, but it’s not always easy, as some abusive partners will track and harass their targets long after the partnership […]

How men and women age differently
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Men and women are different on several levels, including the aging process. The diverging characteristics have been a source of study for many years. A study released in 2003 about the mental health of elderly men and women further shed a light on how males and females think and feel about their health in their […]

The women’s rights deficit
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Despite women’s rights advancements as of the 21st century, many parts of the world still lack the most basic protections and access to important activities. Awareness of these issues can bring change and help to women just wanting the chance to live their lives in safety and personal growth. In 2013, The World Economic Forum […]

Office temperature conditions affecting women
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Almost taken for granted much of the time, having a workspace at the right temperature can make a difference in comfort and productivity. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, found formulas for calculating comfortable room temperature biased in the favor of men because women have different metabolic rates. Not only would re-calculating […]

Stress – Women vs. Men
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For most people, the struggle is real when it comes to stress. When a person perceives his or her circumstances as too intense for their coping abilities, stress can be dealt with using different statistics and coping mechanisms among genders. The American Psychological Association has found 28 percent of women experience exponential stress in their […]

The Daily Oxytocin – When nature becomes nurture and oxytocin makes more than motherhood
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Oxytocin is best known for the bond it creates between mother and child. Studies show the chemical playing a role in other types of relationships as well. Understanding the root of bonds between many different kinds of people can help understand human beings and their relationships. Dr. Carsten De Dreu, of the University of Amsterdam, […]

A look at psychotherapy strategies
Posted in Cognition, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Therapy - 0 Comments

“Getting your head shrunk” at the therapist’s office is sometimes reduced to a universal experience, but, in reality, different clinicians use various strategies for patients in their care. Lynn Margolies, Ph.D., notes the strategies of psychotherapy constantly overlap and evolve as the patient goes through the treatment process. Attachment theories – This strategy was first […]

Birth control for women can create adverse mental effects, study finds
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Birth control is an important aspect of women’s health, serving not just as a way to drastically reduce the chance of pregnancy, but provide a means of mitigating disruptive, heavy menstruation. Some kinds of birth control pills even eliminate menstruation altogether. Birth control’s ability to ameliorate symptoms of menstruation is vital as an estimated 15 […]

The darker side of the mother and daughter bond
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The connection between mother and daughter is much celebrated throughout culture. Various media through the years has depicted the bond as a shining pillar of many lives. When this important relationship is poisonous rather than beneficial, mental difficulties can occur. From an early age, depression and other mental health disorders can strain bonds between mothers […]

Woman with less education than their mothers have worse mental health, study finds
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Education has been at the forefront of mental health research and a surprising 2013 study has shed light on education as a marker of mental wellness. The study indicates that educationally underachieving daughters of well-learned mothers deal with increased mental health problems. Dr. Leigh Tooth and Professor Gita Mishra found education gaps between parent and […]

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