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Male versus female alcohol metabolism
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A couple goes out every weekend to the local bar. She’s feeling the effects of alcohol far faster than he, his overconsumption leads him to intimacy problems later in the evening. They both make a pact to quit drinking for a time. He loses the beer belly in seemingly record time, while she faces plateau […]

Marijuana, the respector of persons: New findings on marijuana vulnerability
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Recent research from Pullman University in Washington state has now found that there are gender differences in vulnerability to the effects of THC — tetrahydrocannabinol. Tolerance has actually been shown to develop faster in females. Legalization of marijuana recreationally in Washington has caused researchers to take a closer look at this popular illicit substance. Previous […]

Substance abuse and sexual exploitation
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Famous 70s musician and composer Rick James was notoriously noted for stating, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug,” meaning it will make one do crazy things. When people experiment with drugs, they lack foresight and do not see that recreational use is a slippery slope to addiction and financing this expensive hobby could degrade […]

Gender differences in alcoholism and drug abuse
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It should come as no surprise that there are significant differences in how each gender abuses drugs or alcohol. Statistically speaking, there are trends in what type of drug men and women are more likely to use. For example, adult men are more likely to abuse prescription drugs than women while women are more likely […]

Not your Bonnie and Clyde: Real life danger of codependency and abuse
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Unfortunately, even with all the education, awareness and emergency extraction and housing programs for the abused, domestic violence remains a pressing social issue, as it can have serious consequences personally, legally and otherwise. Many who become aware of relationships with such destructive behavior will ask themselves, why do these two people stay together? The answer, […]

Absentee fathers and the link to poor mental health
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As father’s day rolls around and many families honor the knights in shining armor who protect, provide and save, the other side of the double-edged sword also casts a glare: absentee fathers in the family unit. Not having a father in the picture has emerged in studies to lead to feelings of poor self worth […]

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