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Social networks raise mental health awareness
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Many people use social media to vent about everyday occurrences. However, sometimes posts and comments can go beyond harmless complaints. Social media users can write alarming messages about topics such as self-harm, leaving friends and family concerned about how to respond. For instances such as these, the social media giant Facebook has introduced a new […]

Feminism defined within the worlds of psychology and therapy
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The topic of gender within the context of psychology is a concept with tremendous social implications. How members of each gender interact and socialize with one another heavily determines the strength of core relationships within families and therefore the strength of future generations. On a more macro scale, the psychology behind gender relations is a […]

The effect social influence has on each teen gender
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A person’s choice to perform a certain behavior may seem like a solitary process on the surface but, in addition to an individual’s internal mindset, many external factors also contribute to how humans act. One particular factor is the influence of others, also known as social influence. According to an archive of research detailing the […]

Saving files can improve memory
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A new study completed by a team of researchers at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) has found that the act of saving something, such as a file on a computer, may free up cognitive resources that can be used to retain new information. They also believe that this offloading may aid in creativity, allowing […]

How sitting at work can affect mental health
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Staying seated for extended amounts of time has been associated with virtually any ailment you can imagine, ranging from feeling sluggish to premature death. However, there is a scarce amount of research on the psychological impact of sitting down all day. An Australian study published in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity found that […]

The connection between work stress and productivity
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While budget cuts and fewer work hours have generally been believed to result in unmotivated and unhappy workers, an innovative new study suggests that this view may not necessarily be the case. Published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, researchers found that some employees can actually respond positively to changes in the workplace […]

Can political correctness boost workplace creativity?
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Conformity can stifle creative forms of expression, while being unique or liberal has been associated with encouraging expression instead. However, a recent study suggests that the perceived link between political correctness (PC) and conformity may not be as simple as originally thought. Surprisingly, the University of California, Berkeley researchers found that imposing a norm that […]

How technology negatively affects relationships
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Currently, technology has managed to pervade into practically every aspect of people’s lives. Family dinners look more like free TV screenings while social events have essentially become texting parties, ironically depriving any genuine form of interaction in society’s pursuit to feel more connected. A new study sought to investigate what psychological effects, if any, “technoference” […]

Vitamin D linked to seasonal depression
Posted in Mental Health - 0 Comments

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with a loss of bone and muscle mass and now new research suggests that Vitamin D may be crucial not just for physical health but also for functional mental health. The University of Georgia and Queensland University study found a link between seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition marked […]

Women found to be more empathetic in relationships
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An innovative Australian study has found evidence for something that many people probably already believed: women are generally more empathetic towards their partners than men. The researchers investigated the reaction of couples to hearing bad news about each other, finding that women were noticeably more affected than men when their partner was ill or when […]

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