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Building resiliency after trauma
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Research shows common themes in regards to how human beings bounce back from adversity. Unfortunately, a large amount of people suffer from unfortunate events in their lives. Resilience may be one of the most important qualities in handling a traumatic experience. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), resilience is defined as, “The process of […]

The mending power of mindfulness
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If it was difficult before, it may be nearly impossible to ignore the efficacy of mindfulness in modern mental health treatment. An important element of meditation, the process trains a being’s awareness on each passing moment as it happens. By directing one’s attention to the intentions underlying various thoughts and feelings, the individual can begin […]

Bisexual women lagging behind in mental health strides
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It’s not a secret those in minority groups deal with more mental health issues compared to the general population. A recent study from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine emphasizes this, finding United Kingdom bisexuals more prone to poor mental health than the general population. “More bisexual women reported poor mental health or psychological […]

Consequences of opioid use in pregnant women
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Millions of American women use prescription opioid painkillers during pregnancy. Such use puts their babies at risk for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) These babies are more likely to be born prematurely, have complicated deliveries, low birth weight and the risk of meconium aspiration and respiratory difficulties. They may also suffer from seizures, dehydration, tremors, difficulty […]

The relationships between women, drugs and crime
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The universal affliction of drug abuse and addiction impacts all types of demographics, including women of all backgrounds and circumstances. According to data recorded from 2007 to 2009, 11.4 percent of female adults testified to using an illicit drug, which is closely catching up to an estimated 17 percent of men. On the pharmaceutical side, […]

The relationship between gun violence and women
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The occurrence of domestic or intimate partner violence is an issue that rattles the structure of society to its core. The stable interaction among couples and family units are the foundation of successful communities across the country as well as future generations down the line. However, when a lack of communication develops and the dynamic […]

Identifying traumatic bonding and understanding its implications
Posted in Mental Health - 1 Comments

Research shows that every year, 10-50 percent of women suffer intimate partner violence. These toxic situations in a person’s life can result in a myriad of possible mental disorders or related consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and even substance abuse. However, another significant result of traumatic events in a relationship as a result of […]

How the war on drugs impacts addicted women
Posted in Addiction, Dual Diagnosis - 0 Comments

Ever since the United States’ heavy increase of regulatory policies in the 1970s, the “war on drugs” has been defined as a tumultuous struggle to stop rampant trends of smuggling and addiction. Over the years and decades, this struggle progressed and retreated on many different fronts. The United States now has the highest incarceration rate […]

How sexism is harming women’s health
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Sexism is harmful to society. Not many would argue against this. What some don’t realize is that sexism leads to more than just hurt feelings. This is a phenomena affecting employment, education, relationships and even womens’ health. Solving the problem of sexism could be the key to improving the mental and physical health of women […]

Parenting solo: How single parents deal with stress and mental health
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Taking care of children with two parents is hard. However if the job is put on one person then the situation can be fraught with anxiety, financial difficulties and strenuous time management. Many single parents have successfully raised a child without help. If an individual must parent a child alone though, there are specific issues […]

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