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Laughing gas as an antidepressant
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Nitrous oxide is recognized worldwide for inducing uncontrollable laughter. A new study has found that nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” may also be able to reduce symptoms of depression for patients unresponsive to treatment. The researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis believe their study is quite possibly the […]

Women’s rights advocates: Role models for women and girls
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Women in many countries do not have the basic human rights that the women in industrialized countries enjoy. There are many brave women and men working to improve the lives of women around the world, often on a volunteer basis. Their names may not be familiar but their stories are inspirational. Pooja Taparia: A graphic […]

Mental health care of the future
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The ability to accurately diagnose different disorders has been improved exponentially over the past several years. Diagnosing a physical disorder is made easier for doctors by utilizing the many diagnostic tools at their disposal including: Blood tests X-rays Angiograms – views of heart and blood vessels Endoscopy – an endoscope is a lighted, hollow tube […]

Family centered rehabilitation
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What does a woman do when she is addicted to drugs or alcohol, wants to go to rehabilitation to recover but cannot bear to leave her children for an extended period of time? Even if dad or grandma has offered childcare, mom may not want her 2-year-old to be without her months on end. There […]

Healthy habits for recovering substance abusers
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Making one’s  physical health a priority encourages one to embrace the idea of well-being and in the process, increase their control over how they experience everyday life. In addition to preventing disease, healthy habits help individuals manage their life and increase their chances of reaching their full potential. Health promotion may also be helpful in […]

Shining a light on sexual abuse
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Filmmaker Amy Berg is has released a documentary called “An Open Secret,” which reveals new findings regarding sexual abuse of minors by powerful members of the Hollywood entertainment industry. In 2014 actor Michael Egan III filed lawsuits against four such individuals and all went on to deny the allegations. However, Egan is further detailing his […]

The relationship between domestic violence and mental illness
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As one may expect, domestic violence may lead to a number of mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Statistically speaking, more than half the women who suffer from a mental illness have previously suffered from sexual or physical abuse, either as an adult or child. Those instances have led to a number of different disorders […]

Taking domestic violence and custody battles to court
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It’s well known that domestic violence can be one of the most damaging and traumatic aspects of a relationship. When children are involved, the situation becomes even more emotionally fraught and complicated. If this kind of abuse leads to a courtroom custody battle, the suitability of each parent will be considered. Court rulings determine whether […]

Factors that result in successful rehab for women
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Gender is not an indication that a patient will remain in treatment. Retention rates depend upon severity of symptoms, drug of choice, the level of motivation, criminal history, the magnitude of addiction and pattern of use. Among women especially, several factors have been identified that influence or predict the rate of retention. Relationships: Receiving support […]

Looking for trauma at home: signs and symptoms of domestic violence
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If someone knows a loved one who may be a victim of domestic abuse, it is critical that they get the help they need. First, one needs to be sure that this is indeed a case of domestic violence. If a person believes a friend or family member is being abused but isn’t asking for […]

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