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California law for employers concerning domestic violence victims now effective
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A California law effective this year now stipulates that private employers must accommodate domestic violence victims for leave and additional benefits. This law is known as the Healthy Families Act, which is also being enacted in more than one dozen other states nationwide. A general similarity of this law across states is that job protective […]

Dealing with domestic violence during pregnancy
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Domestic violence is a traumatic experience that can be psychological damaging for the sufferer. Your partner is someone you should be able to turn to for love, trust and understanding. However, sometimes this person does not always turn out to be who you thought they really were. Though the abuser may feel they are justified […]

Concerned you may have online predator? This is how you handle it
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In the modern world, the Internet has become a constant presence both in one’s professional and personal life. However, just as in the world at large, there are unfortunately those who choose to use a less than honorable means in how they communicate online. Therefore, you should use the same discretion and caution in how […]

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