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Reach out to us today!
Most Private Insurance Accepted

Sovereign Health, Chandler, Arizona

Sovereign Health in Chandler is a women-only treatment center providing the highest quality care for our patients. We specialize in the treatment of trauma and abuse and offer a dual diagnosis program in addition to an exclusive mental health program.

A woman who has experienced trauma resulting from domestic violence, sexual assault or any other disturbing event may be diagnosed with an underlying associated condition such as depression or anxiety. Upon admission to Sovereign Health, our clinicians make a full assessment and diagnose any co-occurring conditions.

In order to achieve the most successful treatment outcome, all conditions are treated concurrently.

Clinical care

Our clinicians at Sovereign are each expert in their particular discipline. Individual one-on-one therapy promotes healing while ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Group therapy, supervised by a therapist, allows patients to share their experience with others if they wish or to simply listen and realize that others have had a similar experience. Medication may be prescribed at the discretion of a clinician.

Therapists at Sovereign provide patients with coping skills and techniques they can call upon after their return home in order to maintain good mental health and prevent relapse.

Therapeutic activities

In addition to clinical care, Sovereign offers fun, therapeutic activities, including equine therapy, art, yoga, exercise and off-site outings to local events and places of interest. Patient accommodations are in a quiet, upscale residential neighborhood, allowing patients to focus fully on their recovery.

Sovereign accepts most major health insurance plans making treatment affordable. If you or a loved one would like further information, please call 866-598-5661 to speak with a member of our team. They will be happy to assist you.

We accept Most Private Insurance, reach out to us to so we can help!
How can we help your teen succeed?

Sovereign Health Group is a leading addiction, dual diagnosis and mental health treatment provider. Call our admissions team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the help you deserve.

What Are Our Past Patients Saying?

The dual diagnosis program was what attracted me to Sovereign Health. My therapist was always open for discussion and the group sessions were very informative and educational.

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